International Victims Of Psychiatrists Day: Demand the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists!

So far victims of psychiatrists have been ignored by the Victorian government, in the Royal Commission into Mental Health. The Victorian Government has instead put forth perpetrating, co-opted Mental Health associated organisations, and vile psychiatrists to speak, in our place. Many of our witness impact statements have not even been published.

Though Victoria is one of the worst perpetrators of forced psychiatry, all states/ territories of Australia commit vile, cruel forced human research under Mental Health legislation, and perpetrate this through forced psychiatry. And we don't want the Federal Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse & Neglect of Persons with Disabilities, to be the same as the Victorian Royal Commission, and ignore the very obvious abuse of emergency powers, and exploitation by force for human research that our country inflicts, for profit on a large number of people, who are usually socially, or financially disenfranchised, or become so after being lured into visiting a psych.

So, I'm organising a Canberra Rally, where the Federal Government legislators put policy together.

If you cannot make Canberra, organise a VOP day where you are!
This is an International reclaiming.

Oct 10th, 2pm to around 5pm, at Canberra parliaments' designated protest area, for this one.

Victims of Psychiatrists are reclaiming 10th Oct 2019, from the perpetrators of vile, cruel use of force under Mental Health Acts in Australia, that force psychiatric products, procedures & programs on people.

We're reclaiming this as International VOP day.

Theme is: The #Right2Refuse Psychiatrists
The Australian government needs to understand our -
1. Objections to being violated & our lives destroyed by forced psychiatry
2. Conscientious Objection to psychiatrists' products
3. Lewd assault by psychiatrists is made easy through forced psychiatry
4. Cover up of other violations, such as child abuse is made easy by forced psychiatry
5. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity rights
6. Basic Human Rights that forced psychiatry takes from us
7. Implementation of the UN CRPD now!
We're asking for federal prosecution under 8.2 of the human research code
for the vile, cruel Forced Human Experimentation that is inflicted on millions of Australians for the profit of psychiatrists & coterie.
We're also asking for federal investigation under 8.3 of the human research code on behalf of people violated by the toxic products proliferation by the mental hygiene/ mental health/ pharma industry of which Australians do not have the #right2refuse due to legislated forced psychiatry.

We're also asking for an investigation under 8.3 of the code of human research for river life, such as platypus. And the #right2refuse such toxic products & pharma companies that are far worse CO2 emitters than the automotive industry.
#InternationalVOPday needs to replace the propaganda of the Mental Health industry. #VictimsOfPsychiatrists must rally and have our say, and demand our #right2refuse psychiatrists' bloody violations.
#InternationalVOPday is also a day for #VictimsOfPsychiatrists & allies to remember those who have been killed by psychiatrists through government Mental Health legislation, how their deaths have been covered up as natural when they're nothing of the kind.

ABS statistics shows that half of the population that dies each year, is on psychiatric drugs. Given what VOP know about the horrific debilitating cruelties and destruction of bodily organs from psychiatric drugs, as well as what the pharmaceutical companies list as side-effects, we recognise ALL these deaths while on psychiatric drugs, were caused, to some degree by the psychiatric drugs.

Rosemary is said to assist people to remember, so VOP wreaths are made from rosemary when they can.
Also, pleas for freedom for Victims of Psychiatrists currently held in arbitrary detention, or being subjected to cruelties of coercive-control in the community, that they know will result in arbitrary detention if they attempt to stop psychiatric drugs, procedures or programs.

For Australians - print double-sided as booklet & share as A4 fold, if needed:

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