Melbourne demo - Mental Health Royal Commission without McGorry

Asking for a Royal Commission into the violations of the Victorian Mental Health System, without the appointed chair of the advisory committee Patrick McGorry; and that no other psychiatrist or Mental Health Worker be appointed. That Victims of Psychiatrists must be allowed to speak freely and without fear the truth of what they have/ are suffering through forced psychiatry, or coersion through threat of force, coersion through fraudulant claims of psychiatrists/ Mental Health Workers.

Asking for a Royal Commission that will expose the abuses, rather than cover them up.

Speaking out against the Corruption of the Royal Commission by human researchers and other psychiatrists, mental health staff, government legislators, turncoats and people who have a vested interest in keeping the violent, cruel system not only the same, by expanding on the violations.

Getting more signatures for this petition on paper.

We will not have a microphone (protests need permission for this, so if you bring one be aware that police may tell you to turn it off and you will have to comply, unless you have done the paperwork to have permission for this.)

We don't expect more than 100 people. There will definitely be a few. This human rights abuse has for so long been denied and invalidated, the threats and violence against people so horrific, that there is much fear in telling the truth of what is happening.

Police have been polite to a small protest, that has been happening at the State Library every week during 2016 - 2018. And are more understanding of the human rights violations involved in forced psychiatry, that they are forced to participate in, than many other people. That said, we will move on if police demand it. Victims of Psychiatrists do not want anymore abuse from authorities than they have already suffered. We just need the public to hear that we exist and are being silenced and that the Royal Commission into Mental Health is not being done in our name, it is being arranged to raise funds to abuse even more of us, and fund the propaganda that indoctrinates the public into believing the lies of this vile, cruel Mental Health System, set up to exploit the population, by force, for human research that is so cruel and debilitating for the victims, and so lucrative for the perpetrating whitecoats and their coterie.

Speaking on behalf of those who are arbitrarily detained and being tortured 24/7 indefinitely, that need to be freed.

Speaking on behalf of those terrified into silence, as well as those who have been murdered by psychiatrists.

Victims of Psychiatrists willing to give witness statements as to the violations, the cruelty the maiming they have received are encouraged to be foremost in this protest.

This demonstration is about the Royal Commission being perverted away from allowing victims of psychiatrists to speak out against the brutality they have undergone, or may still be suffering by force, or the threat of horrific force under the Vic Mental Health Act 2014, that a Royal Commission into Mental Health should expose. It is about the taking of our lives into servitude as human laboratory specimens, breaking us under torture into subservience.

Friends, family and colleagues speak out against those who maimed and murdered victims of psychiatrists.

Comedians/ puppeteers sending up McGorry or other whitecoats & perpetrating coterie welcome, as long as it is in keeping with exposing the abuses of Victoria's Mental Health System, demanding an abolition of forced psychiatry.

Politicians, legal reps and other people who are allies to victims of psychiatrists are welcome to support us.

Protest at 11am through lunch time for around 2 hours.
At The Victorian State Library street front.

If anyone wants anything I have made to print, for the protest, I can email you the full copy size and you can print it.

Meeting this Thursday 8pm through Skype. Email me if you prefer.
- Initia

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Starts on
Tuesday, 5 February 2019 at 11:00 AM AEDT
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Tuesday, 5 February 2019 at 1:00 PM AEDT
Corner of Swanston Street & Latrobe Street.
328 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
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