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To: Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

5G roll out in Australia

5G roll out in Australia

Dear Minister please ensure that 5G technology is thoroughly and independently tested for potential long-term adverse health effects before it is rolled out in Australia. The health effect issue of 5G is potentially very controversial as the communications industry is massive and 5G technology will be quite pervasive but its long-term health effects on humans are largely unknown.

Why is this important?

Thorough and independent testing of 5G technology is crucial before this technology is rolled out in Australia. Current safety limits are insufficient. Apart from the genuine threat of it being carcinogenic, there are numerous health ailments suspected to be caused by exposure to radiation emitted by 5G transmitters. Health is more important than having a faster Internet. Please support this petition if you care.

How it will be delivered

Via email


Reasons for signing

  • After extensive exploration I believe there is cause for considerable concern.
  • There is growing concern that the waves produce reduce the immunity and make the uptake of oxygen by the lungs harder
  • Enough evidence to justify more testing before implementing this technology


2019-04-02 10:45:11 +1100

As the federal election looms I have decided to close this petition and email the results to the minister before election day, A huge thank you to everybody who has supported me in this.

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