To: Newcastle City Council

Council collection of organic waste, like fruit and vegetables

The city of Newcastle have held off too long with organic waste collection.

"At this time, food waste is disposed of in your household red lid garbage bin. City of Newcastle has awarded a contract for an advanced organics recycling facility at Summerhill Waste Management Centre as part of our commitment to revolutionise food and garden waste management. The introduction of a kerbside food waste collection service is proposed once the facility is fully operational, and will be planned over the coming years in consultation with the community."

What is holding this process back? Is there a gap in funding to get some serious action behind this project? Lake Macquarie City Council have been offering this service for years now.

Why is this important?

This is vital as we need to teach the next generation of responsible waste disposal, now. Not every household/apartment block can afford or facilitate a worm farm or compost bin.

Newcastle NSW, Australia

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