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To: South Perth

Go FOGO South Perth!

If you want your air to be clean in the future, you definitely want a FOGO bin. Greg Milner is the person who can make this possible, but you can help too. You can help take place in this by showing that you don't want harmful gases ruining our air in the nearby future, this will show him that this is a serious matter going on today.

Why is this important?

FOGO bin stands for food organics and garden organics. Having a FOGO bin means you will have 3 bins. The FOGO bin being the lime green lid holds 240 L of Food scraps, organic garden material, and any other compostable items. The recycling bin is the yellow lid that holds 240 L of recyclable materials. The general waste bin is the red lid that holds 140 L of anything that can't be recycled or placed in the FOGO bin. You should join me in this campaign to show Greg Milner that this is something that is happening now. We don't want to wait until it is a massive issue in the future. We want it sorted out now, and be able to relax and not stress for the future to come.

South Perth WA 6151, Australia

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