To: Yarra Ranges Shire

Monbulk Main Street Traffic Safety

Monbulk Main Street Traffic Safety

Redesign Monbulk Main Shopping precinct to allow the flow of pedestrians and vehicles safely by creating pedestrian crossings between Woolworths and Aldi, reconfiguring the Woolworths/Aldi intersections and providing hard vehicle separation along the length of the main street.

Why is this important?

There are daily "near misses" of pedestrians in the area near Aldi / Woolworths as due to the complexity of the road network in that area. Along the main street vehicles "prop" to make right-hand turns, causing gridlock. With roundabouts at both ends of the shopping precinct segregated, left turn only traffic flows would improve traffic flow and reduce the complexity of traffic movements. It would make us all safer.

Monbulk VIC 3793, Australia

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