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To: The Australian government

Justice for survivors - fund rape and domestic violence services!

Justice for survivors - fund rape and domestic violence services!

In order to protect vulnerable survivors, the government must re-nationalise 1800RESPECT and adequately fund domestic violence, rape crisis and women’s services.

Why is this important?

The government’s sexism goes beyond their treatment of women in and around parliament. Cuts to women’s, domestic violence and community services have had enormous consequences for women all across Australia. What little legal and economic support there is for survivors through the judicial process has been stripped away further in recent years, through cuts to domestic violence and rape crisis services. The privatisation of 1800RESPECT, overseen by Porter himself, will make it even harder for women to get the support or justice we seek.

As students and survivors, we are appalled and angry. We have grown up watching the sexist behaviour of boys and men be excused within our schools all the way into our federal parliament. I was only 14 when I experienced first hand how little legal and economic support there is to protect and support survivors of sexual violence. Since then, the government has made little to no genuine action towards preventing sexual violence or supporting its survivors. Not only are they offering nothing in the way of an antidote to society’s constant sexual objectification of girls and women, but they are also stripping away the services that support survivors in the aftermath of sexual violence. The past few weeks have revealed the extent to which Australian women have been impacted by sexual violence - in fact, one in five Australian women will experience it in their lifetime. We must ensure adequate services are in place to support these survivors. The status quo is unacceptable and we need to see change, please join us in fighting for 1800RESPECT.

In solidarity and hope,
Dani & the Youth Survivors 4 Justice team


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