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To: The Hon Ben Carroll MP Minister for Roads and Road Safety - VicRoads, Ms Lizzie Blandthorne Minister for Planning - VPA

Redirect trucks off Hull Road Croydon

Redirect trucks off Hull Road Croydon

We, the undersigned petition VicRoads, VPA to:
(1) Address the escalation of traffic, particularly heavy trucks on Hull Road, Croydon.
(2) Acknowledge residential status of Hull Road.
(3) Increase community consultation about road and infrastructure projects that impact Hull Road
(4) Implement air quality monitoring and emissions control on vehicles.

Why is this important?

We consider the serious concerns to be our:
• Diminished “quality of life”
o Excessive and sustained noise, vibration, and pollution.
• Health and Safety concerns
o Medical health impacts. Physical safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
Our commitment is to keep Hull Rd safe, liveable, and sustainable for the future.

Please contact us at – [email protected]

We are a grassroots group of Hull Road residents raising our concerns about the increasing traffic and particularly Heavy Haulage Trucks using Hull Road. Our aim is to maintain the livability of Hull Road.
The significant safety and environmental issues of concern that are held by our group are as follows –
• The numerous projects and infill developments (including Kinley Estate, Mooroolbark and Croydon level crossing removals and rail overpasses, Dorset Rd duplication and more intensive residential development) will funnel and permanently increase the amount of heavy haulage trucks and other traffic travelling along Hull Road.
• Hull Road has been designated but not physically upgraded by VicRoads as a Higher Mass Limit arterial road. These truck combinations are usually limited to major (not residential) roads.
• The heavier traffic on Hull Road is increasing levels of air and noise pollution, adding health issues, damaging the road, and vibration is damaging the structure of some houses.
• The heavier trucks and traffic flow carries safety risks for residents using and attempting to access and exit their driveways. Also, it is dangerous for pedestrians attempting to cross the road.
Some of our goals are –
• Maintain safety - with signage and enforcement of speed limits.
• Truck restrictions (e.g. night curfew; weight / size restrictions - Lower the current extra heavy truck arterial road designation and reroute trucks away from Hull Road).
• Noise and air pollution reduction
• Implement air quality monitoring and emissions control on vehicles

Hull Rd, Croydon VIC 3136, Australia

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