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To: Federal Environment Minister Mr Greg Hunt, NSW MP for Ballina Mr Don Page, NSW Planning Minister Ms Pru Goward, NSW Roads Minister Mr Duncan Gay, Federal MP for Page Mr Kevin Hogan, NSW Premier Mr Mike Baird, Minister Mr Rob Stokes

Save Ballina's Koalas

Save Ballina's Koalas

Dear Minister,

The Blackwall Range is home to a 'nationally significant' Koala population and many other threatened or endangered species. Ballina Council recently commissioned a Koala Habitat Study which has found that the proposed Pacific Highway Upgrade route would bisect the Koala colony and has been identified as a 'key threatening process', if it was to go ahead.

There are a number of alternative routes for the highway which don't impact on the Koalas or the Blackwall Range. The upgrade of the highway is important but should not impact upon this important natural area.

Furthermore, the Blackwall Range Koalas have been found to be a 'source population' for Koalas in other parts of the Northern Rivers and therefore they must be saved to protect this iconic species in Northern New South Wales. .

The route of the Pacific Highway upgrade needs to be reassessed in the light of the recent Ballina Koala Habitat study. I urge you to do all you can to have the Blackwall Range protected by ensuring that the highway upgrade avoids this known biodiversity hotspot.

Kind regards,

Jeff Johnson

Why is this important?

The Blackwall Range is an important nature reserve and an identified biodiversity hotspot within the Ballina Shire. It supports over 30 threatened or endangered species. It is also home to what is arguably the main healthy Koala population in northern New South Wales. The NSW Government's preferred highway route would bisect the Koala habitat and this would inevitably put the colony at risk. There are other routes available that don't impact on the nature reserve or the Koala population. Please give us our highway upgrade but also save the Blackwall Range Koalas.

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Highway Decision Pending

Koala Campaign rests with Greg Hunt

Federal ENVIRONMENT Minister, Greg Hunt will make a decision on the Pacific Highway route this week. (14th August) Latest modeling predicts the Koala population will face extinction unless the proposed highway route is changed.

Please call and email Greg Hunt’s office immediately. A big thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign over the last 7 months. Minister Hunt’s office is sending out ‘template’ emails in response to the large number of emails. We need to flood his office with SAVE THE KOALA’S emails and calls. Please forward to your friends and contacts.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Phone: (02)6277 7920

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The NSW Department of Planning has almost finalised its report that will be sent to the Federal Environment Minister, Mr Greg Hunt. Please focus time calling Mr Greg Hunt's office, and our local National Party MP's, Mr Don Page (State) and Mr Kevin Hogan (Federal). The only way to change the route is for a politician to champion the cause and force the RMS to change. The RMS won't change it's route, or consider other routes unless instructed to.

As well as signing the petition, please send an email to the following key politicians, Don.Page@,,, ,,,

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A public meeting will be held at the Ballina RSL on Tuesday 18th March at 7pm. Dr Steve Phillips, lead author of the Ballina Koala Habitat Study will present the reports findings. Ian Radcliff, senior lawyer at the Environmental Defenders Office will explain the EPBC Act, and Dr Mehreen Faruqi, NSW Greens MP and civil engineer will discuss the political process and highway design. Please come along to find out how you can help the campaign.

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If you are very passionate about saving the Koala, as well as many other threatened species in the Blackwall Range, politicians love receiving handwritten or posted letters. Greg Hunt and Don Page are the key decision makers in the process. Greg Hunt is the Federal Environment Minister, and Don Page is the NSW Minister for the North Coast and the Member for Ballina. Thankyou for taking the time to support this campaign. Kind regards, Jeff

2014-02-07 17:05:50 +1100

As well as signing the petition, please send an email to the following key politicians,, Don.Page@,,,,,,

Link to Ballina Koala Study

For more information contact Jeff Johnson by liking FB page ‘Councillor Jeff Johnson’