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To: Wingecarribee Shire Council

Save The Gib from Development

12 hectares of privately owned land on Mt Gibraltar was recently sold to a Sydney developer and is earmarked for development. Most locals would presume this land is part of the Gib Reserve. It is pristine wilderness with a creek running through and is home to local wildlife. A development application is currently before the WSC to turn this bushland into subdivisions with multimillion dollar houses. Please sign to support this land remaining. This D.A. is inappropriate and should be denied. The WSC can then purchase this land, maintaining it as untouched shale woodland and restoring the integrity of The Gib Reserve

Why is this important?

The Gib Reserve is a heritage listed reserve that preserves biodiversity of endangered plants and is an essential habitat for local wildlife including kangaroos wallabies echidnas, gliders, wombats and the iconic koala.

Mount Gibraltar, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia

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