Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Tugun Community Against GCCC Draft City Plan Increased Development Heights Proposed for Tugun Area
    CAMPAIGN UPDATE: “Due to overwhelming community concern" the proposed 2015 City Plan planning heights of 24mtrs (8 storey height equivalent) for the Tugun Village Centre have been reverted back to the current 2003 planning scheme building heights of 2 and 3 storeys. Council also resolved to undertake a character study of the Tugun Village area to assist in defining local characteristics and amenity. This study will be used to inform decisions regarding preservation of the character of the Tugun Village and to guide future planning decisions. The research phase of the Character study began in early April. Thank you for your support in this community action! Its success reflects our community’s passion for Tugun and our desire to preserve its character and pursue quality planning and development outcomes for our suburb.
    592 Signatures
    Created by Tugun Progress Acssociation (TPA)
  • Save ethnic community radio!
    Not everyone lost out in the 2014 Federal Budget. Thanks to a mammoth campaign run by the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council, the Federal Government re-committed to funding community broadcasting to the tune of $17.7 million. In just one week, more than 1,039 signatures were collected and sent to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with ethnic broadcasters and listeners adding their personal stories to the campaign.
    1,063 Signatures
    Created by NEMBC Secretariat Picture
  • Don't deport Aussie born Ari and her mum Eunsil Park next week
    Just days before Eunsil's scheduled deportation, Australia's Immigration Minister reversed his decision and announced her application for permanent residency under consideration. This wonderful outcome is in part thanks to the tireless CommunityRun campaign run by family friend Julie who launched a CommunityRun campaign to put pressure on the Minister. In Julie's words: "It goes to show that taking action through petitions and showing support for something we believe in is really important and worthwhile". Congratulations to Julie and the entire family!
    887 Signatures
    Created by Julie Coulthard
  • Save the heritage Cork Tree in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia
    Norwood Cork Tree can breathe easy now that Norwood's Development Assessment Panel rejected Coles' development application by an overwhelming majority, noting that such a development would lead to 'loss of significant trees'. This outcome is all due to a tireless campaign run by locals who refused to stand by a watch a heritage listed, culturally significant tree be removed.
    1,370 Signatures
    Created by Anne Chappel
  • 5,803 Signatures
    Created by Crystal Millikan
  • 13,077 Signatures
    Created by Lee Burton
  • 1,730 Signatures
    Created by Tammie Peatey
  • 2,295 Signatures
    Created by Andrew Carter
  • 342 Signatures
    Created by Keep Coogee a Village
  • Help Protect Local Parks For Future Generations
    Council voted last night to save Regent Street Park, as well as two other local pocket parks.
    954 Signatures
    Created by Kristie Hitchcock