Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • 5,803 Signatures
    Created by Crystal Millikan
  • Don't deport Aussie born Ari and her mum Eunsil Park next week
    Just days before Eunsil's scheduled deportation, Australia's Immigration Minister reversed his decision and announced her application for permanent residency under consideration. This wonderful outcome is in part thanks to the tireless CommunityRun campaign run by family friend Julie who launched a CommunityRun campaign to put pressure on the Minister. In Julie's words: "It goes to show that taking action through petitions and showing support for something we believe in is really important and worthwhile". Congratulations to Julie and the entire family!
    885 Signatures
    Created by Julie Coulthard
  • 2,236 Signatures
    Created by Andrew Carter
  • Stop profiteering from coronavirus
    Federal government and eBay have taken actions to stop profiteering.
    23 Signatures
    Created by Peter Feldman
  • Stop 'hosing away' the homeless!
    Channel 9 Perth News: "People power has forced the removal of a controversial sprinkler system, which was being used to deter homeless people sleeping in the city. Thousands signed a petition to have the sprinkler taken down, saying it was a cruel, short-sighted solution to homelessness." You can watch this news clip here:
    16,699 Signatures
    Created by Jarrod McKenna
  • Dollarmites Don't Want Their Money Spent On Destroying The Great Barrier Reef
    We won! CommBank cut all ties with Adani and won't have anything more to do with destroying the Reef!
    10,145 Signatures
    Created by Naomi Lieblich
  • 97,279 Signatures
    Created by Rebecca Hubbard