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To: The Hills Council

Renewables not Gas for the The Hills area

Cut NSW gas use by phasing out gas in Council owned facilities, ban new gas connections in the The Hills area and write to the State Energy Minister asking for an accelerated pathway out of gas for NSW

Why is this important?

Gas is a dangerous, polluting fossil fuel. It releases greenhouse gasses that contribute to the horrific bushfires and raging floods we’ve seen devastate communities across the country in recent years.

And it isn’t just a disaster for our climate. It’s also bad for our health. Public health experts are concerned about the health risks of cooking with gas in our homes, which can have a similar impact on childhood asthma as living with cigarette smoke.

But the good news is that some local councils around the country are bowing to community pressure and taking matters into their own hands - promising to end new gas connections, and help people with the cost of switching to electricity and renewables.

And with enough pressure from the community, our local council could join this movement today!
The Hills



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