About Campaigns by Me

Campaigns by Me is a values-led campaigning platform and is powered by GetUp: a movement of over one million people campaigning for a thriving democracy and a more fair, flourishing and just Australia. That means petitions on Campaigns by Me uphold the mission and values of the GetUp movement: a belief in a fairer society and economy, a flourishing environment, human rights and racial justice for all, a thriving democracy, and First Nations justice.

The values petitions on Campaigns by Me uphold:

A thriving democracy: The GetUp movement values a thriving democracy, where corporations and lobbyists can’t shut out the voices of everyday people. That means Campaigns by Me petitions fight for things like free, fair and publicly owned media, electoral reform to get big money out of politics, and consumer rights — at a national, state and local level.

First Nations justice: The GetUp movement recognises that Australia is home to the oldest living culture in the world and to hundreds of nations and cultures whose sovereignty was never ceded. We acknowledge Australia’s true and full history of violent colonial invasion and that oppression and dispossession still continue today. Petitions on Campaigns by Me should strive to play a role in the bigger fight for First Nations Justice across the country. Land Rights, First Nations leadership and respect are critical issues that must be respected by governments and politicians. The GetUp movement and people who start campaigns on the platform must be committed to leveraging our power for the ongoing fights led by First Nations people across this country. There is no Justice without First Nations Justice.

A fairer society: The GetUp movement values a society defined by social, economic, and racial equity, where everyone is guaranteed things like a roof over their heads, a job with a living wage, and affordable access to a good education. That means Campaigns by Me petitions fight for things like the rights of workers, robust public services, a better education for every child, and a social support system that protects the most marginalised — at a national, state and local level.

A flourishing environment: The GetUp movement values strong climate action and acknowledges its critical interconnection with the ongoing fight for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Rights for solutions and justice. Moving to a clean energy future as quickly as possible means we can secure thousands of new jobs, access more affordable energy, and ensure there’s clean breathing air for our kids. We care about looking after the communities most impacted by this transition. That means Campaigns by Me petitions fight for things like investment in renewable energy, the protection of our oceans, forests, and wildlife, and standing in solidarity with Traditional Owners protecting country — at a national, state and local level.

Human rights: The GetUp movement values justice, equality, safety and compassion for all, no matter where people come from, how they worship or who they love. That means Campaigns by Me petitions fight for things like justice for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants, better community care, and the end of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and mental health — at a national, state and local level.

Racial justice: The GetUp movement values a society that stands in solidarity with people impacted by systemic racism and follows the leadership of marginalised communities fighting for justice. That means the Campaigns by Me platform creates space for people impacted by racism to fight for equitable and fair treatment for their communities at a national, state and local level. It also means we won’t tolerate any petition that vilifies, targets, or incites hatred or discrimination against any person or community on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion.

At GetUp, we’re proud to set such a high bar for the petitions we host on Campaigns by Me. Here, we’re not concerned with attracting the most petitions — in fact, we’ve created these guidelines in order to attract far less. In this way, we can spend more time supporting petitions that align with our movement’s values, and far less accommodating the ones that don’t.

What if my petition doesn’t align with the GetUp movement’s values?

Campaigns by Me isn’t a petition site for every person and every cause. Here, we only host petitions that — in our best judgment — are politically aligned and actively working towards a country rooted in kindness, respect, justice and community care. If you start a petition on the site that isn’t aligned with these values, your petition will be removed and you’ll be notified about the reason why.

Here’s some very broad examples of petitions we might not host:

  • A petition protesting a new public housing development. That’s because everyone should have access to affordable accommodation.
  • A petition fighting for lower levels of immigration. That’s because this argument is often grounded in or incites racism and xenophobia.
  • A petition calling for a new flavour of potato chips. That’s because this issue doesn’t further the values the GetUp community is fighting for.
  • A petition protesting coronavirus lockdown restrictions. That’s because community care and safety depends on all of us following the advice of health experts.
  • A petition supporting the celebration of Australia Day on 26 January. That’s because this day marks the brutal colonial invasion of this country and is a day of mourning for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

But rest assured, if Campaigns by Me isn’t the right place for your petition there are many other petition sites that will host your petition.