To: Federal government

Aged care reform

Put pressure on the the Coalition Government to actually carry out the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aged Care. I am convinced that Morrison is planning on the fact that based on previous pandemics the public will promptly forget the virus after the vaccine is made available and then he will make his usual grand announcement of support for the reforms then as usual forget it as they have done throughout the pandemic.Morrison believes are homes are just pre palliative care as we are going to shortly so their is no need to stop the inevitable.

Why is this important?

There are already more than 3 million aged pensioners like me, I am a 91 yo, and some 400000 dementia cases and the rapid increase in aged with the boomers flowing through it is predicted that this number will increase to over 1.3 million in the future plus all the other health issues that affect the aged and the RC has documented the abuse and neglect this Morrison government has permitted for years must be held to account and it does not appear the Opposition has much interest in forcing the government on this issue without public pressure