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To: Therapeutic Goods Administration

Ban Bufexamac

Protect Australians: take medications containing Bufexamac off the shelves.

Why is this important?

Bufexamac is the active ingredient in about 15 medicated creams that you can buy from any pharmacy in Australia. It can cause allergic reactions so severe that people have been hospitalised.

Bufexamac has been banned from sale in Europe since 2010 because of it can cause such dangerous allergic reactions. It's never been sold in the US nor Canada for the same reason and yet it's still sold in Australian pharmacies. You don't even need a script for it.

You can read more about Bufexamac here: And you can find out more about our campaign at

It's time for the Therapeutic Goods Administration to finally ban Bufexamac.

How it will be delivered

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