To: Noosa Council

Ban Glyphosate Poison in Noosa

Stop spraying Parks, Roadsides and all areas with Poisonous Glyphostes. It is sprayed to kill weeds. We ask that they use Steam Machines to kill weeds. Many other councils in Australia have begun this change. Noosa prides itself as an environmental area, but as yet cannot show any forward thinking or innovative ideas that do not kill all insects, poison animals and poison waterways.

Why is this important?

This is not just important but imperitive to stop the toxic damage to our biological diversity. There is a domino effect that starts with the killing of important plants, insects, birds and larger animals. The efffects may also include pets and children playing on grassed areas in payground parks.
There is so much scientific evidence of not only destroying the biodiverity of nature but also proven evidence of Glyphosates being carcinogenic and causing Cancer.

Noosa, QLD, Australia

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