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To: Minister for Immigration

Ban Punjabi Abusive Artist Dilpreet Dhillon from Entering Australia, Canada & UK

Wife beater Dilpreet Dhillon must be banned from ever entering Australia, UK & Canada. He has faced 0 repercussions since violent abusing his partner and then asking the public to stay out of his private life (after his wife’s public appeal).

For creatives, submit a 3 min or less parody of any of his problematic songs. Get creative - use #DilpreetDhillonBoycott to share your creative genius with us and of course sign this petition.

Why is this important?

It’s easy to talk about these issues at a macro level, you don’t have to take a stand. You make no enemies, but I’m not here to be liked, I’m here to do the right thing. To point out exactly how messed up this is, especially after now having heard from 100+ Punjabi and South Asian women about their abuse.

In 2020 famous singer Dilpreet Dhillon (2 million followers) beat up his partner so badly he bruised her and left her with black eyes. Then he made a 40 minute+ video (now deleted) crying and asking people to stay out of his private life (after his partner was brave & went public).

That’s right - No apology. No recognition of his abusive behaviour. Nothing.

I couldn’t believe it. What’s worse?

Within months he released songs with female leads - Gurlej Akhtar & Barbie Mann - one called “Cute Jeha” and now with one of Punjab’s biggest pop stars - Karan Aujla (500 million views+). Literally no one has boycotted this singer.

No one.

I believe people get a second chance, I believe we make mistakes and are all a little messed up in some ways. But redemption happens after you fully understand what you’ve done, publicly acknowledge it and show us you’ve changed.

This man has not, instead he complained about the momentary reputation so damage and immediately released new music.

The fact that this man got away with such horrific physical abuse is awful but the fact that women like Barbie Maan, Gurlej Akhtar & Karan Aujila couldn’t care less?

That Punjabi diaspora across the world have not boycotted them or held them accountable?

That shows you the deep rooted problems in our culture. The patriarchy is very real. We can abuse our women but we can’t ever humiliate our men or hold them accountable. They will be fine, and as for us women? Chup kar [be quiet] and listen to Cute Jeha [cute boy] ft Barbie Maan.

It’s #SouthAsianHeritageMonth and one thing I’m proud of as a Punjabi? Standing up for the right thing. To speak up. We must also acknowledge the problematic aspects if we are to change them. We can’t tuck this under the rug. I would like my fellow diaspora Punjabis and allies to #DilpreetDhillonBoycott

I also would like to request the Canadian, Australian & British government to put a ban on his entry when he inevitably shows up to tour his caste-ist bakwaas music post COVID.

We need to call this type of behaviour out and demand better, my heart continues to break every time I talk to a woman in our community who has been abused. The acceptance of people like Dilpreet sets the conditions to normalise their fate.

Many have asked why his partner has not filed a case? You see when she went public she thought people would get behind her, instead she thousands of threats and abuse from his fans. And she feels, like many women I spoke to at Soul House in Melbourne, that it’s up to Karma and God.

Karma and god may have their say someday but right now this man is still highly successful and his career has only gone from strength to strength. Indian authorities may take no action, his fans may try to protect him but we as a collective have power to send a message.

Australia, Canada and UK have very strong public campaigns & legislation against Domestic Violence. No it’s not just “a or ate matter” as Dilpreet and his fans claim. Domestic Violence is violence.

Harvey Weinstein is a disgraced figure in the US. Gurbaksh Chahal (who hit his girlfriend 100+ times) is a disgraced figure in the US. Yet somehow Dilpreet Dhillon, a famous Punjabi singer has faced no repercussions since violently abusing his wife in 2020. This was all in the public domain in India.

Let’s take a stance and ask our immigration ministers to issue a statement banning the entry of this ban based on publicly available information.

Creatives! We need you, where the system fails - art is often more powerful. Share a 3 min or less parody song or sketch - you can use any of Dilpreet’s songs for inspiration with the #DilpreetDhillonBoycott

What is a parody?

an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect

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