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To: Queensland Fishing Authorities

Ban shark culling in Australia

The government needs to tighten the laws around shark culling, not only in Queensland but Australia wide. The laws need to be stronger. Increase the education of humans about the risks they take when they enter waters homed to sharks and other sea vertebrates and animals. Culling must be banned, sharks must be protected as much as humans when they enter the ocean and people need to be educated about the vital importance of sharks helping keep the carbon cycle in motion.

Why is this important?

We need to shift our awareness and understand there are other ways to prevent shark attacks from occurring and killing them is not the answer. It is unethical and will destroy our ocean causing a imbalance in the oceanic ecosystems, leading to serious environmental consequences. No matter how you look at it, sharks have been around for 400 million years. Many sharks are becoming endangered and need our voice. Sharks help keep populations of their prey in check, weeding out the weak and sick animals to keep the overall population healthy. Their disappearance can set off a chain reaction through out the ocean and even impact people on shore. If sharks disappear it would be bad news for us all.



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