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To: Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews

Ban the Bottle

Dear Premier,
Please ban single use plastic drink bottles. We have an urgent waste problem nationally since China stopped accepting these and other waste from Australia as I'm sure you're aware. Many towns, cities and countries globally have committed to bans on single use plastic bottles and some on all single use plastic items including San Francisco (in 2014), Concord Massachusetts (in 2012), Taiwan, Costa Rica, Hong King University (2017), University of Vermont (in 2013 and 83 other colleges and Universities mainly in USA and Canada!), There are 15 municipalities in Canada who have banned bottled water on their premises. Houston Zoo USA, France (ban on plastic cups, plates, cutlery) and Bundanoon in NSW Australia have banned bottled water in 2009.

You have made some great environmental decisions for Victoria including banning fracking. Now lets lead the way on this urgent issue.

Why is this important?

The UN announced we have a planetary crisis due to plastics. Single use plastics including bottles, are wasteful, polluting and lethal to marine life. Oil and energy are used in the manufacture of plastic drink bottles. Recycling them takes more energy. Now that China has stopped taking our waste in 2018, waste management contractors have reported that the bottles are piling up by the millions per day and are a fire hazard. There have already been serious fires in Victoria of large piles of plastic bottles and legal action by people in surrounding areas resulting in financial loss and health risks. Neither do we have the space in landfill to bury them and that's also not a sustainable solution. We MUST stop the problem at its source. People can bring reusable drink bottles to fill at refilling stations.

To keep up to date with some in the world who are banning plastic bottled water see

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