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To: All the corporate funders of the Liberal Party

Boycott of Liberal funders

The Liberal Party has shown complete contempt for the foundations of our democracy, by attacking secondary boycotts. Let's tell companies who donate to the Liberals know that while they support policies that attack our freedoms, we will be boycotting all their products and services.

Why is this important?

We need a clear message that there are lines no political party can cross.

The Liberals are slaves to corporate interests. We need to ensure the corporations that donate to the Liberals know that undermining democracy, supporting profits over the planet, or attacking unions, isn't going to be profitable.

How it will be delivered

All signatures will be sent to all companies who donate to the Liberal Party.

A list of companies who continue to support the Liberal Party will be shared so that their products and services can be avoided.


2019-11-13 20:48:22 +1100

50 signatures reached

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