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To: John Gillam Bunnings Warehouse CEO

Bunnings Warehouse, please ban cancer causing glyphosate weed killers

Dear Mr Gillam,
It has been a while now that the World Health Organization IARC has classified glyphosate as a class 2A carcinogen for humans (at the same level than Nitrate, Acrylamide, inorganic lead compounds and others) and many countries as well as gardening retailers have decided to ban the products containing this substance (especially Monsanto's Roundup herbicide).
I therefore urge you to do the same in order to keep your consumers safe and in the same time make the manufacturers understand that the precautionary principle is best instead of commercializing products that prove to be unsafe.

Why is this important?

For the health of your customers, and I guess it must be important to Bunnings Warehouse, the ban of glyphosate based weedlkillers has to be a wise move.
Some have criticized this consensus report from the WHO but truly must not know the meaning of "slow poisoning" or "precaution".
So far I can mention that it has been banned from all french gardening centers, Switzerland centers Coop and Migros, German giant retailer Rewe, also the countries of Columbia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and more. There also are about 30 000 health professionals in Argentina (one of biggest user of Roundup) calling for the same ban.
moreover a team of international scientists based in New Zealand reported that widely available commercial formulations of RoundUp, 2,4-D and dicamba can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance in common disease-causing bacteria.
I suppose that this does not come as a surprise and hope that Bunnings Warehouse will also use the precautionary principle and remove all products containing glyphosate from its shelves.
You hopefully also know that the use of these weedkillers depletes the soil and washes down in our rivers, causing more environmental damage and also comes back into our drinkable water (an American study also found that 93% of women tested positive to glyphosate in their breast-milk).
I include here a list of links to broaden anyone's knowledge on the matter:;year=2015;volume=6;issue=1;spage=45;epage=45;aulast=Samsel!po=65.0000!po=61.1111

How it will be delivered

I would like to deliver the petition in person to John Gillam and also would like to stage a press conference.


2021-04-29 14:32:24 +1000

Amazing short video which explain Glyphosate effects clearly:

Best Juliette

2018-04-11 16:49:41 +1000

Hello supporters

It's been A long while and I am sad to see that this petition is getting nowhere.
I do not have the resources or the time to make it as big as it need to be in order to become sufficiently noticed by the mainstream media (which is already siding with biotech industries and so forth).
I am considering now the closure of this petition.
Would anyone be ready to take over it administration to make it bigger instead of just losing all those signatures?
I would be ready to add admins with great pleasure.

Thank you all kindly.

be healthy!

2016-03-25 08:02:25 +1100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-01-22 17:28:20 +1100

Thanks to Martin O. the petition has an even bigger database of studies on glyphosate toxicity!
I am going to add them to the petition text so John Gillam will have even more food for thought when he will remove it from its warehouses!

2015-12-18 20:36:05 +1100

Hello supporters!
We have reached 600 signatures!
I would like to congratulate you all on taking the time to sign and share or send link via email or even just talk about this petition with others.
The support is so overwhelming that I can't express how happy I am!
This was my first petition and it really make me feel that we can unite and make things move, not just for this but for anything that matters.
After all we always have been in charge of our world and by realizing that, we can change it to a better place together!

Thank you so much again, very soon there will be no more glyphosate in Bunnings warehouses and anywhere!
Through unity we can do anything!

2015-12-15 11:52:03 +1100

500 signatures reached

2015-12-07 13:21:53 +1100

100 signatures reached

2015-12-04 13:35:50 +1100

50 signatures reached

2015-12-03 22:37:20 +1100

25 signatures reached

2015-12-03 19:57:15 +1100

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