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To: Byron Shire Local Government

Claim Back Community in Byron

NSW State Government and Byron Shire Local Government

Why is this important?

Short term holiday letting in residential areas is having a huge impact on communities.

Many long term residents are surrounded by short term rentals which mean no consistent neighbours and loss of all that neighbourhoods have to offer.

Many young people are unable to afford to buy a home in the place where they were born and their family live because short term holiday rentals have forced the price of homes out of the reach of ordinary working Australians.

Many workers are unable to afford to rent near their work because of the lack of permanent rentals. Short term rentals bring greater returns to absentee landlords.

Communities are suffering with the loss of permanent population influencing availability of workers, numbers of students in schools, volunteer numbers and general mental health of those who reside in communities that are consistently disrupted by partying short term renters.

Having a continual turnover of strangers as neighbours is not sustainable for a community.

The community of Byron Bay ask the Local and State governments to act on this issue.
Ban short term holiday letting in residential areas.

Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

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