To: Mr Steven Cain, CEO, Colesgroup


Coles Supermarkets are only supplying 15c plastic bags at checkout. It also stipulates the use of plastic bags for online delivery. Many workplaces that rely on regular Coles deliveries are inundated with Coles plastic bags that cannot be reused. Furthermore, Coles no longer take back plastic bags for recycling.

We request that Coles:

- make a changeover to stop supplying plastic bags at checkout.

- allow consumers the option of online delivery to be plastic bag free.

Why is this important?

In this era of climate emergency, all industries are asked to audit their practices to be more sustainable.

One way for supermarkets to become more sustainable is to ban the use of plastic bags.

The giant chain, Woolworth, has stopped the supply of plastic bags in 2022. They scheduled to scraped their paper bags later this year.

Coles Supermarket chain, another giant in Australia, has no plans to be plastic free. They do not even have the alternative of paper bags for their consumers. Furthermore, the use of plastic bags is the only choice for online deliveries (There isn’t a NO BAGS option).

Coles has also stopped using their Redcycle plastic bags collection bin, to collect used bags for recycling. They have relinquished their responsibility in any commitment to sustainability.

Workplaces that require regular online deliveries are inundated with plastic bags that have NO WHERE TO GO, other than landfill.

Coles must address this corporate responsibility.