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To: CEO of Commonwealth Bank, Ian Narev

Dollarmites Don't Want Their Money Spent On Destroying The Great Barrier Reef

We won! CommBank cut all ties with Adani and won't have anything more to do with destroying the Reef!

A generation of Dollarmites call on Commonwealth Bank to rule out financing Reef and climate destruction at Abbot Point! Don't risk our futures on this dumb investment.

Why is this important?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef and have the opportunity to see a majestic turtle amongst the coral. When I heard we could lose our Reef to climate change, and that there was a plan to build major new coal ports on the Reef to make the problem even worse, I knew I had to act.

Growing up, I was taught the value of being ready for the future as one of Commonwealth Bank’s Dollarmites. Me, and thousands of other Dollarmites like me, saved our pocket money for our future. When I learnt the money we’d saved could be used to fund the massive new coal mines threatening our Reef and our right to grow up with a safe climate, I was shocked!

The worst part is, according to media reports, the Commonwealth Bank is the most likely bank to fund these developments. That means they’d be using my money - and yours - to fund it. But I don’t want my money invested in this. Who would?

That’s why I’m asking Dollarmites, CommBank customers, and the rest of Australia to sign this petition calling on CommBank’s CEO Ian Narev to rule out financing coal ports and mega mines on the Great Barrier Reef. Will you join me?

If CommBank won’t do the right thing, I’m closing my account. The Reef is one of the nicest places in Australia, and it’s one of our landmarks too. Why would we want it ruined?


How it will be delivered

I'm going get together a whole bunch of Dollarmites to deliver the petition straight to CommBank HQ.


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We got together with Naomi to make a video about her petition. Check it out here, then make sure you share it online to keep supporting Naomi:

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