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To: Local MP, Eleni Petinos and CEO of local Sutherland shire council, Ms Manjeet Grewal

Convert Miranda park into a dog park

Make Miranda Park available for dogs to be off leash

Why is this important?

There’s no time like now where the community’s health, safety and wellbeing is necessary to prioritise and should be at the forefront of our community leaders with respects to decision making that impacts the wider community.

- The park is conveniently located for locals and therefore many dog owners

- The park is significant in size and there is ample space to accommodate several dogs and their owners safely (for example ensuring social distancing and enabling owners to train their dogs)

- There are no paths, children’s play equipment or seating area that would otherwise suggest an alternate purpose for this park

- There are many other safe, child friendly parks scattered throughout the neighbourhood, should this be the reasoning as to why this request should not be supported

How it will be delivered

Via e-mail

639R Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228, Australia

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2021-09-28 18:12:36 +1000

Hi folks, I just shared this petition on my FB and in the Sutherland Shire Doggo group. Would you all mind doing the same.

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