To: The Victorian Government

COVID 19 Hospital Surge Support Allowance for ALL Staff

Extend the COVID 19 Hospital Surge Support Allowance to ALL Staff in high risk areas of public hospitals

Why is this important?

The Victorian Government has clear guidelines for Covid 19 high-risk working areas within public hospitals. Those areas are marked as RED and Amber Zone areas. In simple terms, there is a higher risk of catching Covid 19 in those areas. But it will be only patient-facing staff who receive the surcharge, not the admin staff members who work within that area.

The government also tells us that you need to work for six hours or more within those areas to be eligible for the Hospital Surge Support Allowance, but at the same time tells Victorians that it's a high risk to go and dance for an hour or attend music concerts.

This policy is an apparent attempt by the Victorian Government to offer support to workers at high risk but in reality, excluding thousands of workers who work and risk their health to keep our public health system functioning.

We need the Victorian Government to change this policy and make this a fair policy for all public health workers.