To: Hon. Lizzie Blandthorn MLC

Demanding Justice for Parents: Empowering their Voice to Safeguard Children's Best Interests

Change the court processes allowing a fair peoples court. Where concern parents can bring forward significant welfare concerns regarding their children.

Why is this important?

In a system that tragically fails to protect marginalized and vulnerable families, we stand united to demand change. As parents, we deserve the right to raise our significant concerns and safeguard the best interests of our children. The current state of affairs limits the power of intervention solely to child protection services and the police, leaving parents voiceless in the battle to protect our most precious treasures.

It is time to question this glaring disparity and challenge a system that appears to disregard the vital role parents play in their children's lives. Shouldn't we, as parents, have the right to raise concerns that are of immense importance to the well-being and safety of our beloved children? The answer is a resounding yes!

We rally behind Sarah, a courageous single mother who valiantly voices her concerns about the unsafe housing conditions, the injustice, and the negligence she faces at the hands of the Department of Fairness and Family Services (DFFS). Let us join forces and lend our support to Sarah as she fights for her children's welfare—welfare that would have gone unnoticed if she had not been a housing client, exempt from child protection intervention.

This is not merely about one person's struggle. It is about the collective power of parents advocating for change. We demand a system that recognizes our concerns, that values our perspectives, and that empowers us to protect our children's best interests. Our voices must be heard, and our rights must be acknowledged.

By signing this petition, we send a clear message to the powers that be: the rules cannot remain skewed in favor of government departments while ordinary citizens suffer the consequences. We demand #PeopleCourt—a fair and just platform that allows parents to bring their applications to the children's court, ensuring that our children's safety and well-being are paramount.

Together, let us ignite a movement for change, creating a society where the rights of parents are respected, where the voices of the vulnerable are amplified, and where the well-being of children is non-negotiable. Sign the petition today and stand alongside Sarah and countless parents in their pursuit of justice, accountability, and a brighter future for all our children.

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