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To: Premier of Queensland, MP's,

Don't build a coal mine on Queensland's Bimblebox Nature Refuge

Go and see "Bimblebox" the documentary - premier's next week at the Byron Bay Film Festival 11/3/12
Tell people about Bimblebox. Check out our facebook page Bimblebox nature refuge.
Write a letter or contact your local mp. and let them know you dont approve coal mines built on nature refuges or agricultural land.


Why is this important?

The beautiful 8,000 hectare nature refuge named Bimblebox situated in central-west Queensland is about to get bulldozed to make way for one of the earths largest coal mines. Australia’s mining boom is creating more extensive and intrusive coal than ever before, and the majority of Australians are unaware of this reality. The "China First" project will destroy Bimblebox Nature Refuge to supply energy to Asia for the next thirty years.
Locals and conservation groups have banded together to purchase the land that is Bimblebox in a bid to protect it from mining. Resisting the might of the coal industry and the political bodies that back it is a huge job for a small group of citizens; this campaign needs you and those like you to make a stand and appeal to the better sense of those that appear to forget the importance of this nations uniqueness and diversity.


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