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To: Council, State and Federal Ministers

Don't build a new airport! DO build high-speed rail instead!

Dear elected representatives,
This proposal is quite untenable and unconscionable in today's climate-changing world and we urge you to think again and look into the socially, environmentally and economically viable and sane alternative of high-speed rail.

We are calling for a moral and just rethink with more rigour and appropriate action as is being suggested here for such a life-changing project.

Why is this important?

This petition against building a second airport at Badgery's Creek is urgent and important as to do so would contravene all the independent research findings which clearly demonstrate that societies and nature would suffer unduly. Conversely, building high-speed rail will address climate-change and revitalise many communities in regional NSW as well as connect to major centres like Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, being 50% of current air traffic; and will provide for real local jobs.

It will also empower people and ensure quality of life to all of us and Nature on whom we depend. This has to be seen as the only sane alternative in today's world.

How it will be delivered

by emailing it to Federal Senate which is holding an inquiry into western Sydney airport corruption.


2019-05-17 16:54:18 +1000

election day tomorrw

Dear friends,

Please vote for the party that best represents our cause. Its ye another chance to let the major parties know that we ate NOT HAPPY with them. The vote will matter more up the line and will not be wasted further down.

We simply cannot trust the big Two to meaningfully address climate change.
Remember if we could stop the build of the Franklin Dam despite all the work done, we can stop this too.

Meanwhile, stopping our use of plastics and moving towards a vegan diet is well within our control. Let’s use our power now!

with thanks,

Maureen Grant

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