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To: Michaelia Cash, Minister for Employment

Down with DobSeeker: No hotline for dobbing in unemployed workers

Scrap the new “DobSeeker” hotline that would let bosses dob unemployed people in, just for saying “no” to a bad job

Why is this important?

This proposed new hotline would put even more power in the hands of dodgy bosses, and create additional pressure on marginalised groups to accept bad jobs that won't work for us. There are a lot of good reasons to turn down a job - a creepy boss, having to spend hours on public transport, or even conflicts with parenting commitments like picking your kids up from school.

I'm Imogen, I'm 22, and I was recently on JobSeeker. My job services provider would push jobs that were completely unsuitable to me with my disability. The idea that I could be left unable to pay rent because a dodgy boss dobbed me in for turning down a bad job really frightens me.

This is the last thing unemployed people need in the midst of Australia's worst employment crisis in a century. The problem is there are not enough jobs out there - there are 2.3 million unemployed and underemployed people and only 250,000 jobs available. You can’t bully people into accepting jobs that don’t exist. Unemployment isn’t a choice – it’s an unavoidable reality for millions.

This proposed new hotline hasn't been launched yet. With your help, we can make this petition big enough to show that the public won't stand for bullying unemployed people - and we can stop "DobSeeker" in its tracks. Can you sign this petition and share with your friends?


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