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To: Candidates for the Eden-Monaro 2020 by-election

Stand up for our ABC!

We call on all candidates for the Eden-Monaro by-election to publicly announce your intention to fight for a strong and fully funded ABC if elected.

The people of Eden-Monaro rely on our national broadcaster. Whether we're in or out of crisis, the ABC keeps us informed, connected and safe. But it is struggling to survive because of decades of crippling funding cuts. Enough is enough.

Candidates, commit to standing up for the ABC. Represent us, whatever your party.

Why is this important?

“A rigorous broadcaster that pursues the truth, asks telling questions, substantiates its positions, and genuinely cares about local communities is an essential foundation of a healthy democracy" - Ed, an Eden-Monaro voter from Akolele

The ABC was there for Eden-Monaro during the bushfires, delivering critical emergency broadcasts, saving lives and keeping our communities connected. The ABC was there for us before and after too — helping us stay informed with stories we can trust and holding truth to power at a time when misinformation is on the rise. It enriches our children's lives.

Many Eden-Monaro locals grew up with the ABC and it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But years of budget cuts are pushing it to breaking point with more programmes facing cancellation and hundreds of job losses to come. By 2022, $783 million of funding will have been cut from the ABC since 2014. We need to act now, before it’s too late.

The ABC is the most trusted news source in the country. We love our ABC. This is why we are asking our future representative to commit to championing it.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be published as a full-page ad in the Merimbula News Weekly – one of the most read local papers in the region.

Reasons for signing

  • It's the most authentic channel and ratio in Australia.
  • ABC service is irreplaceable
  • Trustworthy, real information against a barrage of misinformation.


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