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To: House of Representatives

End Nauru Detention

Close the Nauru Detention Centre and bring the detained children and families to Australia.

Why is this important?

There are children and families in detention on Nauru by order of the Australian government.

Some have been in captivity for years, and some children were even born on the island.

Detention is a fancy word for prison.

Except there was no court, no trial, no judge, no jury.

It is not a Liberal or Labor issue. Both parties have been responsible for this.

The world’s humanitarian organisations have condemned Australia’s action and yet it continues.

These people have escaped from all kinds of appalling situations.

Don’t be misled by claims that freeing these people will lead to more boat arrivals. That is a separate issue which our border controllers need to manage without making political pawns of the people seriously suffering on Nauru.
Children are being psychologically and physically harmed.



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