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To: Department of Education

Fairfield Heights public school continued participation in P.S.S.A sport

Families of students have been informed the school is proposing the school no longer participate in the local P.S.S.A sporting competition.

Parents, families and friends believe our children greatly benefit playing P.S.S.A sport and want Fairfield Heights public school to remain in the competition.

We want the Department of Education and the School Principal to commit and support the continued involvement.

Why is this important?

The N.S.W Primary School Sports Association (P.S.S.A) sporting competition provides opportunity for all students, no matter their family's financial situation to be involved in team sports.
For a lot of our families, P.S.S.A sport may be the only team sports children are able to participate in due to the costs associated with outside club sports.

Our school is located in a low socio economic area with a high non English speaking back ground and refugee community. P.S.S.A allows everyone to be involved.

Our local government area was the focal point of the N.S.W 2021 Sydney lockdown and our children need to return to our normal school routines wherever possible.

We as a community value the many benefits gained through sport including those to health and personal development, working as part of a team, sportsmanship and fun and we want our children to continue to enjoy P.S.S.A sport.

Fairfield Heights NSW 2165, Australia

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