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To: Minister For Immigration Andrew Giles


Mr Daneyal Jabari

A father who tragically lost two of his children in Port Hedland last week is currently in Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre awaiting a decision to reinstate his visa

Mr Jabari has been greatly affected by this traumatic event and is hoping to be released from Yongah Hill to be with the family and make funeral arrangements.

Mr Jabari has indicated that if it’s possible under the circumstances that he would like to be in Port Hedland as soon as possible and to remain in Port Hedland for a month or two, would greatly help to manage the pain that he is going through. To be with his broader family to grieve with them and to ensure that his children are given the cultural and religious support to continue into the afterlife.

With your support Mr Jabari can take this to the appropriate people and he prays that they will have symphony and intentions to grant his wishes to be with loves ones.

Why is this important?

A father has lost two of his precious children in a housefire. He spoke with them the week before they passed. Mr Jabari wants to grieve and be comforted by his family and inlaws. He has done his time in jail and is sitting in an Immigration centre alone. It's important for his mental health to be with family.


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