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To: Hon Michael (Mick) de Brenni, Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement of Queensland

Fire protection licensing changes in Queensland will impact small business.

The changes to Fire Protection Licenses have unintended consequences - hundreds of current fire professionals could be left unemployed, as numerous new qualifications will be required by November 1. This is far too short a transition period for staff to upskill.

Transitioning dates need to be included for the upskilling of staff that is required to test this equipment along with a review on the inspect and test requirements of issue of an annual condition report.

Why is this important?

These changes have the potential to have qualified fire professionals not able to continue with routine maintenance and reporting after November 1. This transitioning period is not adequate, the transitioning period needs to be in line with the time that it will take to upskill to the required new level of qualification to ensure that all current qualified and licensed technician's are not disadvantaged.

For example, for technicians to continue to service a un-pumped hydrant after the November 1, they will need to have completed Certificate III in Fire Protection CPC32820 - this is a 3-year apprenticeship.

Jobs could be lost, small fire protection companies may see the only option is to close and ANY business that uses these facilities will see an increase in prices for these services. On a recent review of 30 fire protection business against the new QBCC requirements, only 5 large organisations are ready for the changes.

We encourage you to sign this petition to show Hon Michael (Mick) de Brenni that these changes will impact all business and fire service technicians and they need to be reviewed.

Queensland, Australia

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