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To: Minister for Foreign Affairs

Free West Papua

Dear Minister,
Without further delay please comply with Australia's moral & legal obligations (Charter of the United Nations article 76, article 85) to add the issue of UN General Assembly resolution 1752 on the agenda of the Trusteeship Council.
Australia is permitted by the Trusteeship Council rules of procedure number 7 to add any issue to the provisional agenda, and the Trusteeship Council will then be obliged by General Assembly resolution 171 to ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to advise whether West New Guinea (a.k.a. West Papua) is a territory for which the Trusteeship Council is required by Charter article 88 to make yearly reports to the General Assembly.

Why is this important?

Since Australia voted in 1962 to occupy West New Guinea with United Nations forces, in violation of our Commonwealth & international legal obligations hundreds of thousands of our Papuan neighbours have purportedly been wrongfully killed by the UN appointed administrators while untold $billions have been looted from their homelands. I believe the looting since 1962 of the United Nations occupied territory has created and is contributing to a reckless shift of wealth and authority from the Pacific to South East Asia which has introduced numerous biological problems and social handicaps to the Pacific which should be mitigated without further delay.


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