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To: Dan Tehan, Martha Haylett, Louise Staley.

Funding for Skipton: Rebuild, Recover, Reconnect!

Skipton Recreation Reserve facilities are more than 40 years old and are in dire need of significant improvements. Federal and State funding is required to provide our community with a facility that provides an epicentre for our region to reconnect, rebuild and recover.

Why is this important?

Now, more than ever, we want to bring life back to our regional town and harness the thriving community spirit for which we are known. The beating heart of our community has always been the Skipton Recreation Reserve. It’s the only place in the district that people can come together. To cater to current demands and further grow our community, we need a place that we can be proud of, that provides opportunities and that is accessible for all. Our community is seeking $5.7 million in Federal and State Government funding to improve the Skipton Recreation Reserve.
With these funds, we will:
• Build fit-for-purpose social rooms that meet current standards and are accessible for all
• Improve out-of-date facilities
• Make the reserve safer by improving traffic management
• Build facilities that cater for female participants, guests, locals, and professional users
• Ensure the main oval meets AFL guidelines and improve the netball facilities.
• Build a new, inclusive playground
Skipton is at a crossroads: keep moving forward and progress or become a dust bowl. These upgrades are vital to boost morale and foster social connection.
Skipton wants this. Skipton needs this.

Skipton VIC 3361, Australia

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