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To: The Catholic Church

George Pell must go!

Dear Catholic Church

We have had enough of the covering up of pedophilia and the current leader in Australia, George Pell, must go over his self implication in supporting ex-priest and serial child rapist Gerald Ridsdale.

Why is this important?

Case in point: As many as 26 Victorians have committed suicide after being abused by ex-priest and serial child rapist Gerald Ridsdale.

Cardinal George Pell, who was then auxiliary bishop of Melbourne, accompanied Ridsdale to court - a show of support he attempted to explain to the state parliamentary inquiry into child abuse this week. Ridsdale's trial revealed the church hierarchy had moved him from parish to parish, where he continued to reoffend, despite complaints having been received.

How many more are there?

Surely the catholics cannot support a man like Pell? Lets tell them we have had enough.


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