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To: Nurses, Doctors, Medical Staff, GP's

Hear OUR Voice - Nurse & Doctors say SHUTDOWN Australia

RAISE YOUR VOICE and tell your online community to SHUTDOWN Australia. COVID-19 is on our doorstep and is at risk of damaging our healthcare system which will cost us Australian Lives.

Send a message to the community and our Government who have demonstrated a poor response to FLATTEN THE CURVE of this virus.

The message we need to get out to the community is to
slow the virus from spreading,
adopt impeccable infection control measures like washing hands and
practice social distancing if you need to be in public.

Let's avoid damaging consequences to our healthcare system, healthcare workforce and show the world people power is possible.

Campaign through your social media to tell the community and the government we need to slow the virus NOW!

Why is this important?

The reason this is so important is to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed all at one time. This method will save lives and allow for our patients requiring lifesaving treatment to get well with the right resources.



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