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To: Local Councils, State Ministers for Local Government

Help Reduce RSPCA Kill Rates

Require RSPCA and privately owned animal shelters to allow assessments and adoptions of impounded and surrendered animals by animal rescue organisations.

Why is this important?

As at 2011, at any given time, the RSPCA euthanises 50% or more of the animals which come through their organisation. Some pounds, such as Rutherford RSPCA refuse, outright, to work with animal rescue organisations. There are also privately owned 'shelters' which hold contracts with local councils that, more often than not, will not work with rescue organisations. This means that perfectly healthy and adoptable animals are being killed for no reason other than to 'make room' at the shelters. They claim that many of these animals are not adoptable, however, all too often their criteria for an 'adoptable' animal is so high that extremely few animals meet it which then, in turn, allows them to claim justification for killings.
These particular RSPCA's and shelters also refuse to allow experienced animal carers and workers to assess the animals themselves simply because they know that if they allowed that, then they would be forced into actually trying to find suitable homes for these animals.
In addition, many privately owned shelters adopt, what can only be described as, cruel practices in dealing with these animals and are not regulated in any way so their inhumane practices continue to go unreported with animals even being hidden from potential adopters, rescue organisations and, in some cases, even the animals' owners and then euthanised.
There is no reason why animal rescue organisations, which use volunteers experienced in working with dogs and cats, should not be allowed to rescue/adopt these animals and be able to find suitable homes for them. Animal rescue organisations take extreme care in who they adopt animals to which significantly reduces the likelihood of animals being impounded, lost or surrendered again.
ALL RSPCA's and privately owned shelters across Australia should be REQUIRED to work with their local animal rescue organisations to ensure the interest of the animals. That is, after all, what they claim their mission to be.

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