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To: The Australian Government

Homeless Australian Veterans

Get Homeless Veterans off the street

Why is this important?

A Veteran's promise is to serve and protect their country and its people. A Veteran's promise is sealed with the knowledge that it may cost them, at worst....their life!! They put their lives on hold; even their family and friends come second in line to their service. They have endured the hardships of conflict, they have witnessed the inconceivable and they bear the physical and mental scars of warfare.Yet the "thanks" that so many of them get in return is failures in important government programs, particularly in the health, aged care and other human services areas, resulting in poor access to services, insufficient service coverage, inappropriate service models and cultural barriers.
We need the general public to take notice, take a stand and help give something back to our Veterans who willingly risked their lives so that we can be free.



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We have organised an event- Ex Stone Pillow to raise funds and awareness of our homeless Veterans. This is happening on Sat the 14th Sept at 12pm till Sun 15th Sept at 12pm Locations are Brisbane, Sydney, Ipswich and Canberra. If you would like to register for this event, and to find out more please contact