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To: Prime Minister, QLD Premier, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

URGENT Kabi dreaming site Djaki Kundu is being demolished NOW against First Nation Peoples' consent.

Halt the destruction of the Seven Sisters Dreaming site as per the wishes of the Kabi tribal Elders and the fact that Australian Laws make it illegal to destroy 'Aboriginal cultural heritage' or 'Aboriginal relics'.

Why is this important?

Djaki Kundu (Rocky Ridge in English), also referred to as 'the Gympie Pyramid' is being destroyed as we speak, for a highway upgrade carried out by the Department of Transport and Main roads Queensland.

Djaki Kundu is an ancient and sacred healing site, connected to the Seven Sisters dreaming song-lines and stories, and a place to commune with the Star Ancestors.  Djaki Kundu is situated in Bunya Country near Gympie, in what is now called Queensland, Australia. 

Kabi Elders and guardians of the site have inherited a religious and spiritual Djakurpa tribal Law responsibility to protect the sacred site, which was built thousands of years ago by Kabi Ancestors.

Kabi tribal Elders are distressed that Queensland government authorities are destroying the site and it's ancient sacred relics in order to upgrade a highway, despite the fact Australian Laws make it illegal to destroy 'Aboriginal cultural heritage' or 'Aboriginal relics'.

Human rights abuse will not be tolerated of Kabi Country.

Urgent action needs to be taken, COME TO GYMPIE and follow posts by Kabi dreaming on Facebook.

SIGN PETITION and show your support by messaging Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD, QLD environment minister, governing authorities, offering legal assistance and sharing this breach of human rights in person and online.

Gympie QLD 4570, Australia

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