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To: Western Australia Police Force, Department of Education & Main Roads WA

Install a Crosswalk on Hill View Terrace

Install a Crosswalk on Hill View Terrace

The parents and local community of Millen Primary School and St James would like to apply to install a crosswalk with traffic warden permanantly on Hill View Terrace, St James.

We would like to encourage our children to gain independence as they grow and start walking or riding to school, but for the St James parent community, the biggest hurdle is Hill View Terrace and it's poor visibility upon the crest at the intersection of Devenish St.
We believe that this is a strong case to install a Traffic Warden permanently at or around this intersection.

Why is this important?

Recently, my daughter was involved in a collision with a vehicle whilst riding her bike and trying to cross Hill View Terrace after leaving school. She was knocked off her bicycle by a car going 60km per hour, luckily escaping serious injury.

Due to the slight incline in the road towards Berwick Street and the blind crest, it is extremely difficult to gain full visibility of vehicles approaching at this intersection.

Upon signing this petition you are agreeing that as a parent of a child attending Millen PS, you would support the installation of a traffic warden permanently at or around the intersection of Hill View Terrace/Devenish Street.

I sincerely believe that there are parents in St James that presently don't allow their kids to walk or ride due to safety concerns in crossing Hill View. However, if a traffic warden was stationed at this intersection, many of these concerned families would feel at ease allowing their children to walk or ride to school using the crosswalk. But for now, it remains too dangerous.


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