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To: Minister for Energy and Mining - Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan

Install powerline markers in protected bird flight paths

AMWRRO is requesting that the Minister for Energy and Mining - Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan directs the companies responsible for the powerlines identified by AMWRRO as hazardous to be appropriately marked in order to reduce the incident of birds hitting unmarked powerlines and help stop hundreds of sea and shore birds from being killed each year!

Why is this important?

Yet another precious life prematurely taken and found underneath high voltage powerlines in the middle of a sanctuary.

Australian Pelicans along with other large bird species that hit powerlines suffer greatly in their final moments from broken wings as a consequence of hitting these power lines during flight. AMWRRO has documented secondary breaks to beaks and legs, as a consequence of hitting the ground at speed and from such a great height.

These accidents often occur in isolated/inaccessible areas making observations of these incidents rare and any response time delayed if at all. AMWRRO has over the years requested for these lines to be marked via “flexible reflective discs” or “powerline marker balls” that will help birds identify these hazards in known flight paths and over sensitive areas such as sanctuaries.

Unfortunately our requests to date have fallen of deaf ears and thousands of birds have been killed prematurely! You may ask yourself why haven't these been installed sooner? - cost and effort to maintain such devices; its a simple as that.

Please sign this petition to help save thousands of lives that have ended prematurely, unnecessarily and in an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

South Australia, Australia

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