To: Minister of Education, Victorian Government

Install solar panels at GWSC

On behalf of our GWSC community, please join me in requesting the Victorian Government to approve funding to install solar panels in our school as we take the first step towards becoming energy independent.

"Install solar panels in my school by December 2022."

Why is this important?

Burning rainforests for land clearing, massive destruction of wildlife in Australian bushfires, rising sea levels causing beach erosion, unprecedented floods this year - the last few years has seen an exponential rise in the effects of global warming world over. To tackle this massive problem of climate change that we have created in the past 100 years, its time for each of us to take action.

The easiest way is to generate our own electricity from renewable sources like the Sun, instead of depending on fossil fuels.

Since 2018, the Victorian Government through Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA) provides upfront funding for installation of solar powered systems. Many schools around Victoria have taken advantage of this "Greener Government School Buildings" program and have reduced their footprint on the environment, and saving on their electricity cost as well.

We need to act now. There is NO PLANET B!

Glen Waverley VIC 3150, Australia

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