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To: Federal Minister for Health

justice for survivors of childhood trauma

This campaign has ended.

The creation of specialist health funding to make possible the available resources for survivors to maintain sustained recovery and healing.
Develop a comprehensive recovery program for survivors to be implemented nationally.

Why is this important?

Child Sexual Abuse in childhood results in sustained psychological trauma that lasts a life time, hindering the quality of life for not just the survivor but families as well. This includes periods of various severities of PTSD, depression and anxiety as well as other mental health issues. This means that survivors may not be able to maintain consistent personal relationships as well as "normal" career and work goals. Recovery from childhood abuse requires specialist health services for mental, emotional and physical care. Child Sexual Abuse causes profound psychological damage to the development of an individual and as such, can take a lifetime to be healed.

How it will be delivered

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Dear Friends,
Thank you again for signing this petition that I have just updated. I would be open to any comments and feedback.
This continues to be a significant issue as the Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse shows. It is clear from its interim and other reports that there is possibly more child sexual abuse in our society than most of us would envisage. We can only conjecture what this means for society as a whole. This reality of the suffering and struggles of survivors should be a concern to us all.
I would like to aim for around 1,000 signatures so I would then encourage you to share this petition with those who you think would support it.
Thank you again,
Elizabeth Ellen

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Thank you for your support,

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