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To: Department of Health

Keep 20 Medicare Sessions for Mental Health

During Covid patients who needed a Mental Health Plan were able to have access to 10 additional therapy sessions for which a rebate could be claimed from Medicare. The Government is proposing to take away the 10 extra sessions allowed during the height of Covid. We need these extra sessions to remain long-term.

Why is this important?

The extra sessions are absolutely essential for people suffering mental health challenges. Sufferers need access to the same practitioner with whom they have a rapport and have built trust. Mental health issues do not go away after 10 sessions. The extra 10 sessions have given patients huge relief knowing they can continue with their therapist throughout the year. This is something that needs to stay. Please do not take it away from the people who need it most. For some people it can literally mean the difference between life or death. For all sufferers it provides much greater peace of mind and a sense that they are being listened to and are cared about and that the support they need is available and affordable.



2022-12-14 23:07:23 +1100

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