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To: TA$$AL and the Tasmanian Government

Keep King Island Fish Farm Free

Dear TASSAL and the Tasmanian Government, we want an immediate and comprehensive ban on any fish farming in the waters surrounding King Island.

Why is this important?

If fish farms are established in King Island's pristine waters then there will be a massively negative impact environmentally, economically and socially. King Island's economy is based on its clean, green and unspoiled image. If the King Island Brand is tainted by its association with industrial fish farming, and the rapidly accelerating negative press and opposition it is generating, then our economy will be severely affected. The very reasons that attract visitors and residents to King Island are diametrically opposed to the industrialisation of our pristine marine environment. Our way of life and quality of life are under threat just so companies and shareholders can make even more money.


2018-01-20 11:11:42 +1100

Some of our King Island businesses are boycotting unsustainably farmed Tasmanian salmon. Youcan check out the storyon the following link.

2018-01-15 19:59:45 +1100

Our King Island community meeting on Friday night clearly showed that the islanders are against TASSAL and other Tasmanian sea-based salmon companies putting fish farms in our waters. We need to keep the very few prisine areas of the world available to The People ànd not BIG BUSINESS !! Check out:

2017-12-28 15:23:42 +1100

I will be boycotting Tasmanian farmed salmon products from TASSAL, HUON and PETUNA until they adopt transparent and sustainable on-shore practices and agree not to establish in-shore fish farms in King Island's pristine waters.

2017-12-22 11:57:15 +1100

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