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To: Ryde Council

Keep Meadowbank skatepark lights on until 10pm

Please keep the lights in Meadowbank skatepark on every night till 10pm

Why is this important?

Skateboarders, scooter riders, BMX and trick pushbike riders, inline skaters, rollerskaters all want to use more of this park. Please Ryde Council, don't encourage more screen time for our residents. Promote fitness and health instead by keeping this sports facility open later. Many users of the park are working till 5pm and can't get to the park until 6pm. Currently the lights turn on at 6pm and turn off at 7pm.

At the time of writing this petition it gets dark at 8pm. This wastes a lot of electricity and money and turns lots of kids and adults away from fitness and exercise.

Many nights when it gets dark and all the skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders, rollerskaters and pushbike riders have to stop, the three football fields behind the skatepark are lit up from HUGE spotlights with not a soul using the fields. This is a small change the council can make to support community and fitness.

Constitution Rd, Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia

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