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To: Federal Parliament and MPs

MPs do your job - keep parliament working

This campaign has ended.

MPs do your job - keep parliament working

Dear federal MPs,

You work for us. Many of us are being laid off or put on indefinite leave. Some of us are being isolated and many of us are working from home, all to keep Australians safe.

It’s simply not good enough to adjourn the Parliament until August and go home. The day to day operations of governing cannot just stop. Our Parliament exists for a reason - it is there to make laws and determine and oversee public expenditure. Most importantly, as a parliament, we need you to be watching over our executive government to make sure they are doing their job well. At this critical time in our history, these functions are even more vital.

You have a critical job to do in this time of crisis.

Even with parliament in recess, you should continue to undertake committee work, make legislation, scrutinise expenditure and supervise the government. Surely you can do this remotely!

We call on you all to stand up against the marginalisation of our Parliament, and to find innovative ways for its vital work to continue.
We challenge you to use this as an opportunity to revitalise democracy for the 21st century.
The Parliament is our voice. We demand that it keep meeting. We have the technology.

So make it happen please.

Why is this important?

Parliament sits at the heart of our democracy. It keeps the executive in check. A long term adjournment at this critical juncture in our history risks abuse of power and leaves us, the people, without a voice.

We need our MPs to keep on the job and to use government's resources to make this happen.

How it will be delivered

Email to Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Greens accompanied by media release

Reasons for signing

  • Where's our voice,? Where is everyone? Who is standing up for us the Australian people? Too many are out of work, isolated, suicide is higher than the Covid death's, elderly suffering alone, children away from school rooms and being in lockdown is living like I'm back where I came out abuse ..# I literally can't believe this is happening to me again!
  • Signing this
  • We need our parliamentarians in the House, on public view and open to public and Opposition scrutiny. If Scomo goes down that leaves us with McCormack and Dutton ... Is that not scary enough to want it all out in the open arena of public scrutiny?


2020-04-03 16:33:38 +1100

100 signatures reached

2020-04-03 11:15:32 +1100

Almost at 100 signatures. Hoping to send over the weekend. Lots of other people and groups are pushing this too so I want our voices to become part of this push for democracy.

2020-03-29 18:27:20 +1100

50 signatures reached

2020-03-29 13:05:05 +1100

25 signatures reached

2020-03-28 11:07:07 +1100

10 signatures reached